Daddy Showkey inspired Him: How Don Jazzy Started His Music Career in the Church

Veteran Nigerian producer and singer Don Jazzy has said that legendary musician Daddy Showkey was his role model while growing up in Ajegunle, Lagos. 

He said he was inspired by Daddy Showkey and Baba Fryo to do music, and that he started his music career in the church as an instrumentalist because he couldn't afford studio sessions then.

Don Jazzy told Fisayo Fosudo on the latest episode of the Leaderboard podcast that he used to tell his friends that he wanted to be like Daddy Showkey, whose songs were national anthems. He said that the only way he could afford to make music was to go to church and play instruments, because the church had free equipment.

Don Jazzy's story is an inspiration to aspiring musicians who may not have the resources to start their careers. He shows that it is possible to achieve success even if you don't have a lot of money, as long as you are passionate about your music and are willing to work hard.

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