I am Sorry - Anita Brown tenders apology to Davido

Anita Brown, the American model who has been claiming to be pregnant with Davido's child, has taken to Twitter to announce that she is taking a break from the drama.

In a lengthy thread, Brown said that she has said all she needs to say and that she is now going to focus on her own life and her child. She also admitted that she was a narcissist and a manipulator, but said that she was trying to change.

Brown's announcement has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised her for taking responsibility for her actions, while others have accused her of trying to manipulate the situation.

It remains to be seen whether Brown will be able to stay out of the spotlight, but her announcement suggests that she is at least trying to move on with her life.

Here are some of the reactions to Brown's announcement:

"I'm glad she's taking a break. She needs to focus on herself and her child."

"She's just trying to manipulate the situation. She'll be back."

"I hope she can really change. She seems like a troubled person."

Only time will tell what the future holds for Anita Brown. However, her announcement is a sign that she is at least trying to move on with her life.

Nigerians React

Nigerians have also reacted to Brown's announcement. Some people have ridiculed her, while others have slammed her for all she has caused the singer and his family.

Here are some of the reactions from Nigerians:

"Persin way don ment, low-key she dey jealousy how Davido place Chioma above her! Weray wan become billionaire wife That's all, with all the clout chasing I'm just too happy she doesn't mention Davido as a 1min man A win is a win, the whole brotherhood is proud of you David Adeleke ."

"She has said a lot to trigger Davido into a war of words with her and I’m sooo glad Davido didn’t accord her that time. Davido’s silence must be piercing her heavily."

"At the end of everything, imagine how a child will feel knowing fully well he was born cuz of child support,I hope lots of celebrities kids will be genuinely happy."

"You still personalized Davido by saying, 'My Baby Daddy'?? Have you no shame? With all the rubbish you've said to him? Wow. Clap for yourself."

It is clear that Nigerians are not happy with Anita Brown. They believe that she has caused a lot of drama and that she is not fit to be a mother. It remains to be seen how Brown will respond to these reactions.

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